The Best Asian Cookbooks of All Time

This is our list of The Best Asian Cookbooks of All Time. This list of The Best Asian Cookbooks of All Time has been compiled using some of the internet’s most reliable sources. You may view these sources at the end of this post. We hope you find your next great read and remember to bookmark this page for future reference. This list of the best Asian cookbooks of All Time is in no particular order.

1Thai FoodThai Food, by David Thompson

Thai Food by David Thompson is the ultimate guide to all food Thai and the first book on our list of the best Asian cookbooks of all time. Thompson’s love for Thai cuisine was merely an accident as a vacation went askew and the author ended up spending his trip in Bangkok over two decades ago. It was there that his eyes were widened and his love for the culture and the food blossomed. Within this masterpiece you will find over 200 pages devoted to the Thai culture, the meaning behind the dishes, and the ingredients before embarking on a journey through decades past of well known recipes past on through the generations as well as many not so common dishes, paired with beautiful photography from Thompson’s Michelin star winning restaurant “Nahm” as well on location in Thailand..

2Hot Sour Salty SweetHot Sour Salty Sweet: A Culinary Journey Through Southeast Asia, by Jeffrey Alford, Naomi Duquid

Award winning authors Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid’s wonderful creation Hot Sour Salty Sweet is 346 pages of Southeast Asian goodness! Photographers as well as adventurers, the pair set out on a culinary journey of the senses along the Mekong River, spending time and learning new recipes in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Burma and many other small villages along the way. With over 150 beautiful photos from their travels, many well known soups, salads, and salsas as well as wonderful noodle dishes and delicious desserts, this book is a must have for those who want to experience “real” Southeast Asian food as opposed to Asian cooking with European influences..

3Asian DumplingsAsian Dumplings: Mastering Gyoza, Spring Rolls, Samosas, and More, by Andrea Nguyen, (Photographer Penny De Los Santos)

If you thought this book did not have a wide enough range and was not worth making a permanent addition to your shelf, well, you’d be wrong! You cannot imagine the varieties of dumplings, rolls, samosas, and gyozas there are all around Asia. With this amazing cookbook, Nguyen teaches us how each “dumpling” is wrapped, rolled, baked, fried, steamed, etc., its origins, it’s fillings, how it is prepared, and how it is served. Bits and pieces of this book are put together from all over Asia including, the Philippines, India, Shanghai, Japan, Korea, Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, and Singapore. Not a leaf is left unturned when it comes to art of dim sum in this fantastic cookbook! One of our favorites on our list of the best Asian cookbooks of all time

4Into the Vietnamese KitchenInto the Vietnamese Kitchen: Treasured Foodways, Modern Flavors, by Andrea Nguyen, Leigh Beisch (Photographer), Bruce Cost (Foreword)

Another of author Andrea Nguyen’s books has made it to our list of, and this one focuses solely on Vietnamese cuisine as Vietnam is where Nguyen and her ancestors are from and she wanted to pay homage to her country. Cooking has always been a large part of Nguyen’s life, so much so that one of her mother’s only positions taken with her when they left Vietnam was her recipes book. With over 175 recipes of home cooked Vietnamese food with easy to follow directions and detailed shopping tips when looking for the often times, difficult-to-find Asian ingredients, this book is a wonderful book for those who want to fall in love with true Vietnamese cooking.

5Yan-Kit's Classic Chinese CookbookYan Kit’s Classic Chinese Cookbook, by Yan-Kit So

Chinese cooking made easy! With Yan-Kit So’s simple to follow guide to Chinese cooking paired with plenty of beautiful photographs, this book will become a favorite go to book for a simple meal dressed to impress. The author teaches the cook about traditional Chinese ingredients, proper utensils, and cooking techniques that are easily remembered and applied. This wonderful book has over 140 recipes of both well known dishes such as sweet and sour pork and not so well known dishes such as bean curd puffs. You are sure to have a delicious meal with every attempt!

6Land of PlentyLand of Plenty: A Treasury of Authentic Sichuan Cooking, by Fuchsia Dunlop

Author Fuchsia Dunlop’s hands on experience with Sichuan cooking makes this book a real treasure. Dunlop immersed herself in the culture and cuisine of the Sichuan region of China when she moved there and became the first foreign student at one of the most prestigious culinary schools in China. This being the second list of which this book has become part of, you may find more detailed information about this book on our list of The Best Cookbooks of All Time.

7Japanese CookingJapanese Cooking: A Simple Art, by Shizuo Tsuji, Yoshiki Tsuji, M.F.K. Fisher (Introduction), Ruth Reichl (Foreword)

Over 25 years ago author Shizuo Tsuji created this amazing cookbook that changed the way westerns viewed Japanese cooking. Today, sushi is as much a part of our daily meals as burgers, hot dogs, and steak and potatoes. 25 years later, the recipes remain the same and as fresh as they were when they were first created. This book has beautiful description of traditional Japanese dishes, utensils needed, ingredients, and techniques as well as many new photographs in the 25th anniversary edition. Also included in this new edition is an introduction made by the author’s son and culinary institute director Yoshiki Tsuji.

8The Breath of a WokThe Breath of a Wok: Unlocking the Spirit of Chinese Wok Cooking Through Recipes and Lore, by Grace Young, Alan Richardson (Author/Photographer)

Last but most certainly not least on our list of the best Asian cookbooks of all time is The Breath of a Wok by Grace Young and photographed by award winning photographer Alan Richardson. Not so much a cookbook as a culinary journey through the history of the scared Chinese cooking utensil: the wok. Although there are over 125 recipes devoted to this most versatile tool dispersed amongst its pages, this wonderful book also tells a story as Young strives to learn the ancient secrets of wok hay her father placed so much importance upon when she was a child through various chefs and teachers as well as her own travels around the United States, Hong Kong, and China. A wonderful book for the cook as well as the non cook!

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